Constellation Work™

Movement of the Inner Self

In your body is a microcosm of the macrocosm. All elements that exist in nature exist in you. Constellation Work is a way to take what the soma (body) knows, your embodied self knows, and put it into a form that your mind can begin to understand. It also activates spatial and kinesthetic intelligence.

This type of constellation process was developed by Dr. Solihin and Alicia Thom, which is similar but very different from Family Systemic process developed by Hellinger, as it was developed independently yet in parallel over a similar time process as his more widely known work. Hellinger's work primarily deals with unfinished ancestral or immediate family business.

BeingHuman Constellation Work looks at the inner hierarchical dynamic (historical, feeling, doing, thinking, and spiritual) of a human being and helps to elicit and reveal the state of the human in the now; facilitating a causal and ontological reorganization of the being.

the human structure and order that ideally allows a human being to fully function and realize their potential.

the human structure and order that ideally allows a human being to fully function and realize their potential.

How it works
In the beginning, you pick a complaint, challenge or ailment to focus on. You then create a layout using either iconography, cards, people, or imagery, to visually display what's hidden or out-of-order.

In a state of surrender, you are informed by a variety of inputs. These inputs are mostly sensorial, but may also include body movement, vision, or thought. This process wakes-up the inner feeling so that through body/somatic feedback, we can get non-verbal information to interpret.

In this deep reverential and sacred process, the surrender and the consequent dialogue provides the environment for you to see and feel the forces in action — these forces may be ancestral, stored feelings, those that have taken power and created stereotypical patterns in your behavior or shrouded you in a archetypal pattern, thus stopping you from revealing your own true purpose.

The result is a quietness and fullness — of the moment — or a completion. The constellation often leaves you with a more nourishing picture, a deeper understanding of yourself, and permanent positive changes. In many cases, you may feel an immediate sense of lightness and well-being.

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BeingHuman Constellation Work is useful when: 

  • You want to know the true source of what is bothering you

  • You have an allergy or other chronic problem that is never resolved

  • Your condition appears to be resolved but then returns

  • You feel stuck or are unable to manage aspects of your life such as relationships, sexuality, emotions, and habitual patterns

  • You are seeking a new direction or resource

  • You want to explore the “deeper” root cause of your state/illness

  • You want to augment and support conventional therapy with a parallel process



  • BeingHuman Constellation Work™: cultivating self-love

  • BeingHuman Constellation Work™: awakening self-healing

  • BeingHuman Constellation Work™: surrendering pain and trauma

  • BeingHuman Constellation Work™: becoming an extraordinary practitioner

  • BeingHuman Constellation Work™: beyond mindfulness, practicing surrender

  • BeingHuman Constellation Work™: teacher development for yoga and educational institutions

BeingHuman Constellation Work™
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