BeingHuman Readings

Dance of the Self...

a cognitive approach inspired by Dr. Solihin Thom, which uses iconography, cards, people or imagery, which allows you to see a three-dimensional arrangement (like constellation work) of what's going on inside, and outside your life.

Unlike other readings, BeingHuman Readings is all based on getting guidance from within your self by yourself. It is a straight-forward method for increasing the flow of love and surrender in all facets of life.

The process is like a dance in which we organically flow and dialogue; in the beginning you choose a complaint, challenge or ailment that you like to focus on. A card layout gets created directly by you which produces an energy field (“the knowing or morphogenetic field”); where you experience realizations in the form of physical sensations, emotions or thoughts. In addition, I'll be introducing direct experiential exercises like powerful questions, centering, breathing, guided imagery or surrender to further support your process.

BeingHuman Readings creates a living model that can teach you about your inner natures, innate qualities and resources for sustainable life-changing results.

At the end of the process you will leave with a more nourishing picture and understanding of your self. In many cases you may feel an immediate sense of lightness, and well-being.

Benefits in: 

  • re-education
  • health concerns
  • redirecting habits
  • improving studying
  • developing your 6 senses
  • human development work
  • embodying innate virtues
  • psychological reframing
  • introducing life lessons
  • business development
  • holistic coaching

Available for individuals, couples, families and business. Offered Onsite, Phone, Skype and FaceTime.

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