The Inner Language of Love

A post from 6 years ago:

It was a great ‘21 days of Love’ event on Twitter last month. I deeply appreciate everyone’s support; such heart felt testimonials that made a sweet impact in my life. Now Spring is here! Signs of rebirth are everywhere. Allow me to share what has sprung up in my consciousness.

Relationships, we are constantly in one, from within ourselves, with Humanity, the earth (with all living things), and Above. There is so much to write but for now lets focus solely on couple dynamics.

Incorporating a Human framework called BeingHuman as a formula to inspire successful bliss in any relationship. There are 4 essential elements involved; a physicality (seen), feelings (unseen), actions (non-verbal), and communication (verbal).

In relationships there are cues or warnings when the interaction becomes stagnant, lacking or not passionate enough among many other examples. Where art thou, love?

Here is a dialogue adopted from Gary Chapman’s work posed into powerful questions. Everyday, we should ask ourselves:

  • Am I honoring the sacredness of the body through loving touch?
  • Do I spend quality time each day away like a vacation to feel or taste love?
  • Is the temple of my union being visited through acts of services - expressions?
  • Does my words of affirmation become a mantra continually reaffirming the existence of human love?
  • Do I shower gifts? In remembrance that a higher plane of love exist – radiating bliss.

I leave you with these delicious sips of thoughts, and questions to ponder on. May you all have a blessed Spring season.

Peace, and Love, David

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