My Inner Dialogue: are we healers or Are we companions?

  A 12th-century Byzantine manuscript of the Oath

A 12th-century Byzantine manuscript of the Oath



Today, I've decided to re-awaken my blog writings which is a symbolic antithesis of the Fall season. This 4 year old post never seems to halt in its relevance - no matter the physical or social geography:

I’ve decided to network; get myself visible with the Healthcare and Business communities. Recently I had the pleasure of connecting with a lovely group in the East Village, NYC. At some portion of the night, I sat on a couch next to a well known Certified Vortex Energy Healer. He turned to me to ask if I was a Healer. I was stunned to be asked such a question. My answer was 'No, I am a companion for this allows my clients the space to arrive to their own truth…that the healer is within them and God.'

Healer is a label that is used by many as it carries the archetypal force of the Hippocratic Oath: an oath historically taken by physicians swearing to practice medicine ethically. In my viewpoint most 'Alternative' or 'Holistic' practitioners have also unconsciously taken this oath. This 'Alternative' or 'Holistic' model used possesses a subtle or sometimes a strong flavor of 'I will fix you' interwoven in the confines of their therapy. In my opinion, this excludes the client’s autonomy. Basically anyone with the agenda of wanting to heal, fix or change a client most likely subscribes under this force of the Healer.

I propose the notion of placing an ‘emergent type process’ into the supportive, medical and holistic/natural therapeutic arenas. This could be defined as a human approach that provides a guided opportunity for clients to experience their own emergence: A coming into their being to refine and resolve their own health, lifestyle and spiritual obstacles. This will go beyond any sustainable change or result produced by an outer 'Healer' because it includes a vertical axis which implies an inner refinement based on a constant proactive interaction - a spiritual activism with the client’s physical, emotional, locomotive and psychological components or what I like to phrase these ancillary faculties as inner servants.

My encouragement for all who call themselves 'Healers, Facilitators or Practitioners' is to approach your work from a place of no agenda – surrender thyself. Become your client’s companion; letting go of all your intentions, conceptions, preferences, and influences - holding the client with no expectation of an outcome, only unconditional love. This shifts the usual therapy dynamic of the client placing us on a 'know it all or fix me' pedestal into a noble equal position of a Human supporting another Human on their journey through life.