*Surrender. Let Go, and let God*   (image accredited to Anna Bliss)

*Surrender. Let Go, and let God* (image accredited to Anna Bliss)

"It takes a great faith and courage to accept the divine will as it unfolds in our experience. Whether it meets our expectations or not, whether it seems the 'right way" or not. Most of us are afraid to surrender because we don't trust God. We often pay lip service to the Divine Intelligence that rules the universe, while secretly thinking we know how life should unfold for us. We act as if our limited intelligence can be counted on to supply us with our needs. But surrender doesn't mean that we blindly accept what fate brings us and that we're helpless to change our lives. We're supposed to use our intelligence! We do that by maintaining a positive mental attitude and coupling it with faith, patience and perseverance."

Terry Cole-Whittaker, former TV evangelist now has a New Thought church in Palm Springs, author, speaker, etc. was interviewed by the Science of Mind.

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