21 Days of Love as featured on Twitter


For those who missed our 21 Days of Love event on Twitter. I have posted these tweets yet again for your sweet inspiration.

DAY 1: Today become stillness, carry this quiet throughout your day. You shall prepare your soil to plant an inner seed called love.
DAY 2: Behold your soil; your inheritance, own it! How rich & fertile it be even if there are stones or weeds, U can grow anything you need.
DAY 3: Say a YES! to loving your foundation; your family, history, & your culture. How does it feel to stand in your magnificence?
DAY 4: Liberate yourself! Ask the Divine for drops of courage, and light. Let that sacred rain seep into you. Your seed awaits.
DAY 5: Your seed has been germinated; allow it to grow, & shine in the world. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, the idea of love is now alive!

DAY 6: Feel this Aliveness! in every corner of ur inner spaces; organ, skin, anything within. Be a contagious drunk in the tavern of life.
DAY 7: Are you hungry? What’s ur favorite item to taste? Place that same desire in savoring flavorful feelings you may not want on a plate.
DAY 8: Many flavors did u savor? Just transform it into fine cuisine. Feast oh lover, for these are provisions to keep you healthy & clean.
DAY 9: Know that ur the most beautiful creature in the garden. Let it be known to every cell in ur body, for this love has shape & power.
Day 10: No one is to blame! Invite any wounds, scratches or aches to be pampered. Fill the battlefield with ur mercy, love & soft kisses.

Day 11: Let’s strip ourselves of any tribal affiliations. First embrace yourself with hugs then 11 others around you. I dare you to love!
DAY 12: Seize this moment! U have grown wide & brave. Dance around the fire & sing with all ur passions. A journey into ur heart has begun.
DAY 13: You’ve wondered into ur heart. What would u want to be passionate about? Ask, Divine to place energy on it. Wait & see what happens.
Day 14: Be greedy with ur passion! Be the thrill that will shake foundations. Inspire all to find & be nourished by their own aspirations.
Day 15: Welcome all that wander to ur table. Is it a man, lady or Angel? Be open to receive, for love’s fragrance can awaken ur inner human.
Day 16: Peel away ur mask. Make today’s task be, to infect a crowd of strangers with ur laughter. How many of their masks crumbled joyously?
Day 17: While your laughing, forward the action with generosity. Giving with a pure and loving heart, rewards you with a creation of wealth.
Day 18: Ur heart has evolved through all the stages & elements of creation; earth, water, air, fire & love. Ur throne awaits! majestic one.

Day 19: Heart wide as an ocean, a nation of angels waiting to hear ur sweet voice. Tell me, oh lover, how would ur words impact this world?
Day 20: Your HOME; a kingdom of surrender & love. Bowing, kneeling to receive Heaven’s invitation, which will emancipate your perceptions.

Day 21: Noble Remembrance: U are Complete Human Being; guided royalty, cherished by many, a priceless vessel & LOVE eternally by the Divine

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