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FL: Consultations and Workshops in Orlando, Delray Beach and Miami

Consultations in Wintergarden, Orlando FL

Here are the following approaches to help you with all your goals and concerns:

A mind-body process, like holistic counseling, yet the answers come directly from your body and unconscious. Using hand mudras and muscle testing, I ask your body questions to identify the source, find solutions, and inspire forward action. Address acute or chronic pain, diseases and allergies, emotional imbalances, lifestyle challenges, mental afflictions, and more through this groundbreaking process.

BeingHuman Constellation Work™
Taking what your body knows and putting it in a form that your mind can understand through cards, people, or imagery. It allows you to see a visual arrangement of what's going on inside you, allowing you to explore health concerns, life lessons, develop mindfulness, and make permanent positive changes.

Cranial Fluid Dynamics™
A gentle process that involves the whole body, with a focus on cranium, spine and sacrum. When tissues lose their fluid state – they become less vibrant and leave the body susceptible to stress, injuries, digestive issues, poor posture, mental focus, among other ailments. Enhancing your healing potential for sustainable health and a fluid well-being.

If you like to learn how InnerDialogue, BeingHuman Constellation Work, and Cranial Fluid Dynamics can change your life or start your inner journey. Please honor me with your email or call.

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Consultations are also offered by Phone, Skype and FaceTime

"Go on a journey from self to self my friend,
such a journey transforms the earth
into a mine of gold."