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A Voyage to the Self: with InnerDialogue

  • Atmananda Yoga Miami 500 South Pointe Drive., Suite 230 Miami Beach, FL, 33139 USA (map)

A Voyage to the Self
with InnerDialogue

InnerDialogue, a mind-body process developed by Dr. Solihin Thom, uses hand mudras (like sign language for communication) and muscle testing (a straight arm assessment tool). This helps unveil the root source behind pain, dis-ease, allergies, emotional imbalances, lifestyle challenges, mental afflictions, and more. It provides deep and insightful answers, practical solutions for resolution, and inspiration for forward action.

The best way to find out if InnerDialogue is right for you is to try it out. That’s why I’m offering a 30 min. consultation for $25 so you can see the possibilities of what my work can offer you.

We’ll talk about your present situation, “where you are now," and “where you’d like to be.” The heart of this particular mini-consultation will be exploring 4 primary resources or virtues, and what you need to learn to live each moment, expressing your full potential.

To scheduling a 30 min. consultation, please contact Atmananda Yoga Miami at +1 786 864 0643

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Atmananda Yoga Miami
To explore Atmananda Yoga, click here
500 South Pointe Drive., Suite 230
Miami Beach, FL, 33139
+1 786 864 0643

Saturday, Nov. 10

$25 per person

On that day, a special class and workshop
taught by Atmananda founder Jhon Tamayo:

10:30am - Stretch Class

2-4pm - Workshop on alignment,
breathing, and nutrition

*price is not included with these events