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NYC: BeingHuman Constellation Work™: awakening self-healing

  • 18 Maple Avenue Jeffersonville, NY, 12748 United States (map)

BeingHuman Constellation Work™:
awakening self-healing

Workshop in New York City, November 10, 2019

In this workshop, we explore the profoundly deep and life-changing approach of activating internal bridges of health known as the Caduceus. These iconic symbols — staff, snake, wings, dove and gem — represent human qualities, providing a way to cultivate healing and well-being from within.

BeingHuman Constellation Work™, developed by Dr. Solihin and Alicia Thom, uses iconography, cards, people, or imagery to allow one to see a three-dimensional arrangement of the inner self. By examining the hierarchical dynamics of a human being (historical, emotional, instinctual, mental, and spiritual), we will discover hidden or misaligned parts of ourselves.

This style of constellation work creates a living model for us to bring alive inner resources, connect with our interior, and rise out of old patterns. Through this experience we will be transformative, create new pathways of behavior and reflectiveness, surrender and be guided, and embody our own sense of self and value.

Please know, whether you participate in setting up your own constellation, or as a representative for others or as a mindful observer, everyone will receive insights and benefits.

BeingHuman Constellation invites you to:

  • learn about the Caduceus, the ancient symbol for medicine

  • apply spiritual truths, growth and healing in everyday living

  • practice the art of letting go with the virtue of surrender

  • activate the healing power of the central nervous system

  • discover new reliable ways to create sustainable change

  • move towards purpose and finding self worth

  • attune to living with the life forces

*bring a notebook and pen

Hosted by Jaime and Arcadia


18 Maple Ave.
Jeffersonville, NY 12748

Saturday, Nov. 10, 2019
from 9:00am-6:00pm

$195 per person
workshop is limited to 15 people

To register and begin your
inner journey, please contact me


To learn more about
BeingHuman Constellation Work, 
click here

If you are a educational institution, corporate company, wellness
institute or a yoga studio owner, and would like to learn more
about this approach or book a human development
workshop for your teachers, employees or team,
please contact me.

"Go on a journey from self to self my friend, such a journey
transforms the earth into a mine of gold." ~Rumi