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BeingHuman Constellation Work™ - surrendering pain and trauma

  • Casa MannaBliss 1405 N Federal Hwy, Delray Beach, FL 33483 USA (map)

BeingHuman Constellation Work™
surrendering pain and trauma

Workshop at Casa MannaBliss, April 6, 2019
In this workshops, we explore in-depth BeingHuman Constellations — a profoundly deep and life-changing approach to resolve the anguish or suffering you experience throughout life.

BeingHuman Constellation Work™, developed by Dr. Solihin and Alicia Thom, uses iconography, cards, people, or imagery to allow you to see a three-dimensional arrangement of the inner self. Examining the internal dynamics (hurts, wounds, traumas, and mental afflictions) within a human being, you will discover hidden or misaligned parts of yourself.

The constellation creates a living model for you to bring alive the inner resources for true healing, nurture peace throughout the body, and develop a new state of well-being.

Please know, whether you participate in setting up your own constellation, or as a representative for others or as a mindful observer, everyone will receive insights and benefits.

BeingHuman Constellation invites you to:

~ become conscious of the architecture of pain and trauma

~ learn an easy to apply exercise for inner peace (surrender)

~ activate the healing power of the central nervous system

~ discover new reliable ways to create sustainable change

~ attune to living with the life forces

*bring a notebook and pen

Casa MannaBliss
To explore Casa MannaBliss, click here
1405 N Federal Hwy,
Delray Beach, FL 33483

Call to register, +1 561 455 4882
Saturday, April 6, 2019
from 2pm-7pm

$75 per person

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"Go on a journey from self to self my friend, such a journey
transforms the earth into a mine of gold." ~Rumi