The purpose of Inner Human Life is to be a vessel that brings alive inner resources and tools for individuals around the world to navigate through a human journey.


A mind-body process, like holistic counseling, yet the answers come directly from your body and unconscious. Using hand mudras and muscle testing, I ask your body questions to identify the root source, find solutions, and inspire forward action. Address pain, allergies, dis-ease, emotions, lifestyle challenges, mental afflictions, and more.. Read More

Constellation Work™

Taking what your body knows and putting it in a form that your mind can understand through cards, people, or imagery. It allows you to see a visual arrangement of what's going on inside you. Explore health concerns, teaches life lessons, develops mindfulness, and makes permanent positive changes. Read More

Cranial Fluid Dynamics™

A non-invasive hands-on form of cranial work that involves the whole body with a focus on cranium, spine and sacrum. When tissues lose their fluid state – they become susceptible to stress, injuries, digestive issues, poor posture, etc. This approach allows your body to access its own blueprint of health. Read more

Inner Human Life is a human development consulting practice that bridges a epigenetic model of emergence, holistic healing arts, modern science, with the artistry of clinical ontology developed by Dr. Solihin Thom.

Ontology is a philosophical branch that explores the nature of 'being'. Being is a state that is fully-functional, autonomous and truly alive – a state all human beings can achieve.

The mission of Inner Human Life is to provide tools for people around the world to embark on an epigenetic step into sustainable health, optimum wellbeing, and human emergence. This is accomplished through epigenesis, a mind-body process that switches on the environment (potential, growth, action, choice-making, and purpose) of who you truly are. Available for individuals, couples, families and businesses. Offering Onsite, Phone, Skype, and FaceTime Consultations, Corporate Wellness, and Retreats.

If your passion is in self-healing, sustainable wellness, gaining self-knowledge, becoming an emergent human being or simply rising out of the mundane. Come take your human journey, and create a life that is fluid, dynamic, and alive! Come honor me with your sublime presence.



is the key process in all of the work that I do. A process which guides, unravels, downloads and heals. Come learn about the 5 qualities - Submission, Surrender (mindfulness), Pause, Quiet, and Silence, which can change your life. Click Here


Visual Info

Here's the developer of InnerDialogue, Dr. Solihin Thom, being interviewed about InnerListening™; the practice of a true dialogue. This video outlines what essentially happens in a InnerDialogue consultation. Learn More

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If your passion is self-healing, sustainable wellness, or gaining self-knowledge, honor me with your sublime presence. Create a life that is fluid, dynamic, and truly alive!