InnerDialogue Event

InnerDialogue: unfolding our humanity

Become part of group exploration where individuals come together to learn about the forces that shape us, and awaken an inner life.

These forces are both ordinary (those that exist within and around us) and Holy; guided to accompany us on our journey through life. All of these forces originate from the Source – the Divine – and form a hierarchical relationship and order. Recognizing and understanding the interaction, interdependency, dynamic and flow of these forces in all areas of life will support our development as human beings.

The unfolding of life as a torus, or spiral

The unfolding of life as a torus, or spiral

At each event, the group collectively chooses a holistic theme, inspiring goal, or a unique topic which will be assigned for the process. Afterwards, while sitting in a circle, everyone either hold hands, or interlaces each other's elbow to create a sacred safe space. We take a moment to surrender, which allows for the capacity to be present, guided, and to receive a greater world of understanding and experience.

Utilizing an InnerDialogue approach developed by Dr. Solihin Thom – hand mudras (like sign language for communication) and muscle testing (a straight arm assessment tool) – are used to ask the group non-verbal questions to gain deep insightful answers, reveal innate qualities and resources for proactive solutions, and inspire the group towards human emergence.

By shifting consciousness together in this event, everyone has an empowered opportunity to make conscious choices that can change the direction of their lives. Furthermore proactively shifting their families, friends, and communities at a cellular, generational, interpersonal and global level.

Come join us on a journey towards Being Human. Come honor us with your magnificent presence.

            The Noble Caduceus

            The Noble Caduceus


      The Benefits

  • Resolve lifestyle challenges
  • Activate happiness and love
  • Align with purpose and destiny
  • Enhance well-being and vitality
  • Awaken the body's innate wisdom
  • Discover the power of vulnerability
  • Enrich a romance with spiritual path
  • and more

InnerDialogue Events is available for public and
private groups, couples, families and business groups
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2 hours / $40 per person

“There is a force within that gives you life -- seek that. In your body there lies a precious jewel -- seek that. If you are in search of the greatest treasure, don't look outside, look within, and Seek That.” ~Rumi