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Foundational Course in Kinesiology and Hand Mudras

This class is an introduction to the work of Solihin Thom, DO, DAc which utilizes the InnerDialogue process of kinesiology [a straight arm assessment tool] and hand mudras [ like sign language for communication]. InnerDialogue accesses the forces that affect our health, and wellbeing, as well as the tools to manage these forces. You will learn about the elements that constitute our whole selves and the roles of these elements in our lifelong work of aligning our outer life with our inner self – becoming authentically human.

Class content:

  • The basic ontological premise or philosophy

  • Religious and spiritual traditions that created the foundation of the work
    (developed by Solihin and Alicia Thom).

  • Experience the basic building blocks that create us and our phenomenal world, and
    influence our purpose, wellbeing, relationships, and health

  • Hand mudras – their meaning and therapeutic content

  • Facilitating the client’s narrative (basis of the therapeutic facilitation)

  • Use of specific therapeutic modalities to facilitate change

  • Experience and understand what we call the ‘life forces’ - the cornerstones of this work

You will be given the relatively short history of kinesiology (as in applied kinesiology) developed from Dr Goodheart’s initial discovery of binary muscle function (on and off) in the early 1970′s. This approach was built upon the Dr. Kendall’s methodologies from the 1930′s who taught very precise functional assessment of individual muscles. Then you will learn our current understanding of this complex neurosomatic display and our application of precise protocol(s) called InnerDialogue. You will be introduced to a gesture-driven language called hand modes, or using the original Sanskrit, hand mudras.

You will learn how InnerDialogue, coupled with placing mudras into the hands of your client, can elicit a dialogue. This dialogue - a deep intimate conversation from the interior and the inner Self of the human - allows the client to unearth a narrative through the non-verbal protocol and voiced by the practitioner interpreting the  narrative.

This one-day introductory course will give you basic tenets to begin to work simply and efficiently. With a small number of important mudras, to help elicit a dialogue from the client, you and your client will have a generalized picture of what lies under their present state, condition, situation or need.

The course will prepare you for the series of workshops which unfold the vast array of knowledge developed in the advance levels of InnerDialogue.

A Journey into Being Human

2-Day Introduction to InnerDialogue  

Suitable for:
DO • DC • LAc • LMT • MD • ND • Psych
Anyone on a journey of self understanding

Registration: $299.00

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