Qi - in a rhythm

“Qi - in a rhythm,” is a verbal and non-verbal mind-body process developed by Dr. Solihin Thom, that increases human consciousness while opening life force energy within the meridian, chakra, nadis, and other subtle body systems. Qi, in Chinese culture translates as air, breath, energy flow, strength; the vital energy which pervades and enables all things.

This process is a facet from InnerDialogue, and is rooted in Chinese Medicine, Hinduism, and Yogic and Tantric systems of philosophy. It provides a deeper understanding of the complex inter-relationships of the human being and the natural flow of energy within the body and, as reflected in the natural world, the ancestors, and the heavens.

The process uses organic tools: hand mudras (like sign language for communication) and muscle testing (a straight arm assessment tool). These tools allow us to effectively release internal and external blockages, and restore the free flow of natural energy to heal, or be “in rhythm,” with the mind, body, and heart.


The Benefits

  • Discover the root source behind challenges
  • Resolve chronic health or mental conditions
  • Awaken your body's natural capacity to heal
  • Align with the rhythms of the natural world
  • Enrich a romance with your spiritual path
  • Enhance your well-being and vitality
  • Activate love, purpose, and destiny
  • and more →

Qi - in a rhythm is available for couples, families and business
Consultations are also offered by Phone, Skype and FaceTime
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“ There is a force within that gives you life -- seek that. In your body there lies a precious jewel -- seek that. If you are in search of the greatest treasure, don't look outside, look within, and Seek at.” ~Rumi