Inner Human Life provides people from around the world with tools to navigate through a human journey within the areas of health, human development and enterprise. These holistic approaches which were developed and inspired by Dr. Solihin Thom are offered to help ignite a life that is fully functional, autonomous, and truly alive.


Cranial Fluid Dynamics™

In the Rhythm of Life

a gentle form of cranial work developed by Solihin Thom DO, which involves the whole body with a focus on cranium, spine and sacrum. Cranial fluid exists not only within the brain but throughout every part of your body. When the tissues loses their fluid state – they become less vibrant, leaving the body susceptible to stress, injuries, digestive issues, poor posture, mental focus, and more.

When applied, this unique approach provides tools for self-awareness and transformation. The outcome is to enhance your healing potential for more flexible fluid lifestyle. Offering concise and in-depth consultations.

A video of Dr. Solihin Thom, introducing Cranial Fluid Dynamics™
an approach which origins root in cranial osteopathy.

In every tissue (bones, muscles, fascias, etc.) we save memory. Mechanical memory (stroke, shock, birth) as well as emotional and psychological memory. I “listen with my hands” until the body’s story is told and it releases its stuck pattern.


From Symptom to Source

A revolutionary new approach to the resolution of allergies. This InnerDialogue approach can reveal the root source behind why your allergic reaction(s) are happening and what your reaction(s) truly telling you.

In exploring these factors you can consciously rise above the adverse reactions to dust, mold, pollen, fungus, various foods, animals. Also in blood types, bodily fluids, and external pollutants such as man made chemicals to advanced allergic reactions as in autoimmune disorders.

By taking a look inside yourself for the answers, you are able to remedy your symptoms without any need for pills, medications, or restrictive diets. The outcome is an improvement in overall health and enjoyment of life.

This process is beneficial for adults, children and infants and usually addresses most allergies in a single session, although in some cases, the allergic process may need further attention.

Freedom from restrictive diets and lifestyles, medication and sprays

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Offered Onsite, Phone, Skype, and FaceTime.

Qi - in a rhythm™

Shifting Energy and Consciousness

Qi, in Chinese culture translates as air, breath, energy flow, strength; the vital energy which pervades and enables all things.

Qi - in a rhythm is a unique synthesis of east meets west. This approach uses a sophisticated neurokinetic feedback protocol [muscle testing] with a gesture driven language [hand mudras] called InnerDialogue™. This process increases human consciousness while opening life force energy within the meridian, chakra, nadis, and other subtle body systems.

The process also reveals the remedying action that reroutes, augments and initiates sustainable changes in the dynamic of the rhythm and movement of qi.

Available for individuals, couples, families and businesses. Offered Onsite, Phone, Skype and FaceTime. 
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Reveal Your Truth

a mind-body process developed by Dr. Solihin Thom, which is like getting holistic counseling, yet the answers come directly from your body and unconscious. It empowers you to look into the root source behind acute or chronic pain, lifestyle challenges, dis-ease, allergies, emotional imbalances, mental distractions, spiritual disarray and more. This unique exploration provides opportunities to gain insightful answers, find solutions for resolution and inspire forward action in all areas of your life.

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Available for individuals, couples, families and businesses. 
Offered Onsite, Phone, Skype, and FaceTime.

BeingHuman Constellations Work™

Movement of the Inner Self

a cognitive approach developed by Dr. Solihin and Alicia Thom, which uses iconography, cards, people, or imagery, to allow you to see a three-dimensional arrangement of what's going on inside you, and outside your life.

This type of constellation process is similar but very different from a Family Systemic process developed by Hellinger, as it was developed independently yet in parallel over a similar time process as his more widely known work. This process looks at the inner hierarchical dynamic of a human being and helps to elicit and reveal the state of you, the human in the now; facilitating a causal and ontological reorganization of your being. 

BeingHuman Constellation Work also creates a living model that can teach you powerful tools, bring alive inner resources, learn life lessons, and make permanent positive changes. Great for human development work: learning about your inner natures, addressing health concerns, redirecting habits, improving studying, developing your senses, leadership skills, business development, developing mindfulness (Ontological)  and much more.

Available for individuals, couples, families and businesses. Offered Onsite, Phone, Skype and FaceTime. 
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BeingHuman: Cultivating Surrender

an exploration of letting go, achieving happiness and nourishing silence

is a moving beyond meditation towards experiencing the art of surrendering to a Divine Source. A sacred space is created through dialogue and sound for cultivating vulnerability, opening spaces for letting go, promoting deep healing, and a sustainable serenity. Come enjoy higher states of relaxation and a purification from stress, history or lifestyle.

Available for individuals, couples, families and businesses. Offered Onsite, Phone, Skype and FaceTime. 
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Human Development Retreat

Exploration. Integration. Emergence

Do you wish to step out from your comfort zone, to become elevated, to be completely vulnerable, and truly alive? Say Yes!

Inner Human Life offers both private, and public - 1 day, 5 day or 7 day program, which includes learning a psycho-spiritual model, receiving InnerDialogue consultations, experiencing BeingHuman Constellation Work, gaining Self-Care strategies, and more. This human development program also takes a look into health concerns (i.e. pain, allergies, fatigue, etc.) because with all symptoms there exists an enormous treasure chest of valuable lessons to embody.

I invite you on this voyage of learning who you are at a deeper level. Opening a space inside yourself to becoming more conscious. Empowering you to rise up from unconscious patterns or lifestyle obstacles. Tuning up your spirit with safe methods for sustainable daily nourishment. As you're taking bold steps forward into a guided destiny. Where you're surrendering the ego, and placing your entire being into hands of a Divine Source.

Private or Group Retreats are available for individuals, couples, families and businesses.
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Long Distance Consultations

Holistic Support Abroad

Most of Inner Human Life’s work can be offered by phone, FaceTime or on Skype. The consultation is customized to your needs thereby assisting you in exploring resources with solutions for deep healing, optimizing your health, enhancing relationships, creating business enrichment or what you need to learn to live each moment expressing your full potential. The use of experiential exercises, guided imagery, breathing techniques, positive affirmations, holistic modalities, and the spiritual tool of surrender are used in gaining resolve and mastery over your concerns or goals.

Available for individuals, couples, families and businesses. Offered by Phone, Skype and FaceTime. 
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