The Life Forces Model


The Life Forces is a framework to help understand one's inner natures, and for making sense of all facets of life. This model is used in all of the Inner Human Life work, which can be superimpose onto consciousness, health, human development, science, business, music, human evolution, societies, spiritual paths, religions, and just about anything. It reveals new enriching insights for human emergence.

The roots of this framework is to be as old as time. This particular one originated from the inner spiritual experiences of an Indonesian man named Bapak Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo. Yet its essence can also be seen in Neoplatonism, Early Augustine Christianity, Lurianic Qabalah, Islamic Ibn Arabi origins, St Teresa and later in modern interpretations through visionaries such as Bohm, Schumacher, Graves, Wilber and in the field of Healthcare and Human Development by Solihin Thom DO.

In relation to the body; imagine the body as a majestic house. Inside are these hierarchy of life forces that are companions for a person's journey through this world.


Here are a few examples of their names, natures and niches:

Material Self: bones & constitution. Supports your physical body & has innate resources
Vegetable Self: organs & feelings. Allows life to be felt & an appetite to taste it
Animal Self: muscles & gender. Gives power to move, act, work & find a mate
Human Self: brain & choice making. Evaluates life, creates balance, integration & surrenders to the Divine

Above all these exists other elements or realms, which may come to a human when centered, wide, worshipful & surrendered.



Besides the Life Forces, human beings, have been blessed with fine bodies (subtle bodies) or passions, which are fueled by these Forces. Everyone possess such passions so that their state of being don’t remain motionless like a material object, like a plant, like an animal or like a human without any inner learning.


Here are a few examples of their names, natures and niches:

Black Passion: energy. Gives us the source of energy to live
Red Passion: greed. Desire to acquire things & the enthusiasm to work
Yellow Passion: ambition. Motivates us to achieve, be curious & find purpose
White Passion: generosity. The wish for us to be most wise, loving & harmonious

These Life Forces, and Passions are the foundation for an inner, and outer life. This continuous interplay can reduce the incidence of hardship, trauma, injury, illness and more. The Life Forces model provides the resources and tools needed to take an epigenetic step into human emergence - a state of being that is fully functional, autonomous, truly alive and surrendered.

Examples of different perspectives on the Life Forces:

  • Neo-Platonism: viewed it as aliens, alienate us from ‘The Reality’

  • Hindu caste system: untouchables, merchants, warrior, Brahmin

  • Embryology: 4 stages of development in a trimester period

  • Lurianic Kabbalah: (Tzimtzum) Emanation of the World

  • Christian Mysticism: The Interior Castle

  • Buddhism: Entity of Craving

  • Sufism: Nafsu (passions)

  • Sikhism: The Thieves

  • Carl Jung: Ego

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