David Isa Rosas LMT

As the founder of Inner Human Life, I have been a Licensed Manual Therapist and Clinical Ontologist for over 25 years. My purpose presented itself in 1985, New York City, when I was in junior high school. Each day, when I sat at a table after eating lunch, I found myself counseling individuals solely from my intuition. Years after, I decided to pursue my innate skills more professionally. In 1995, I graduated from the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences in NYC, trained in Massage Therapy, and Asian Healing Arts.

In 1996, I continued training with the leading experts in the field of Osteopathic Manual Therapy – Dr. Sharon Weiselfish in Integrative Manual Therapy, Dr. Dallas Hancock in Craniostructural Therapy, Dr. Bruno Chikly in Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, and Craniosacral Therapy from Upledger. Later I entered the field of Neuro-psycho-immunology and Psychosynthesis, yet there was always something clinically missing – the ultimate human question – why do we truly fall ill or suffer?

In 1998, through fortunate circumstances, I met Solihin Thom DO at his lecture in Connecticut. Throughout the lecture, Solihin touched upon all the dynamics I’ve seen in life and quenched my thirst with those answers I was looking for in my practice. Intrigued by his philosophy of ontology, and unique therapeutic modalities, I immediately began immersing myself in his curriculum of Cranial Fluid Dynamics, Qi – in a Rhythm, Allergy–from symptom to Source, Myths and Archetypes, within the structure of Ontological Kinesiology. These areas of study also provided me the tools to heal myself and understand how to develop as a wholesome human being.

Currently, I work as a full-time practitioner of InnerDialogue (Clinical Ontologist), offering consultations, workshops, and retreats. This has been such a profound precious privilege, witnessing people on their inner journeys towards healing and human emergence. My private practice is located in Florida where I live with my family. I also travel to NYC and abroad, sharing this life-changing work with the world -- teaching InnerDialogue, BeingHuman, and Cranial Fluid Dynamics introductory classes and offering group educational events.

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"David has the unique ability to work from his heart and spirit while maintaining an encyclopedic vocabulary of touch, inner direction, insight and respect. He engenders healing and integration of a very high caliber."
~Roy Capellaro, Physical Therapist