"David has the unique ability to work from his heart and spirit while maintaining an encyclopedic vocabulary of touch, inner direction, insight and respect. He engenders healing and integration of a very high caliber."
~Roy Capellaro, Physical Therapist

"Me and my son were  blessed to have experienced David’s powerful work.  Never heard of InnerDialogue Method before and I was curious to learn about it because of David’s exuberance knowledge and deep understanding of this technique. Immediately entering the session I understood how complex and potent this method is. David mastered the session in a very fine and creative way of expression. His explanations and the way of conveying the sessions helped me relax and understand more about myself and upgrade my frequency. He was able to unlock and restore a new flow of energy in my body then create a mind shift immediately. I felt aligned and balanced after each session. 

My son had a very positive experience as well, every time he left the sessions he was feeling more grounded, energized and much lighter. I am grateful for David dedication to the healing path, kindly helping and guiding people. I highly and warmly recommend Davids healing hands and compassionate heart. David is a masterful crafter of the Science of InnerDialogue."
~Rev Nicoleta Metta, Yoga Instructor

“IHL has been an important part of my individual development. It has given me a deeper understanding of my physical and emotional well-being and the means to maintain a proper balance between the corporal and spiritual components of my life.” ~Sue Mirabella, President, Broadland Associates Inc

"If someone were to ask me about what you have done for me I would say this....David has helped me open up hidden locked doors of oppressed feelings. I would have never gone to these areas in my life cold turkey. David explored deep emotional feelings that were so locked away. Upon opening these doors, he respectfully and with the utmost compassion helped me process the feelings that control who I am and how I deal with relationships. He helps me to tackle these feelings without judgment on his part. He is compassionate, caring and a true healer of mind and soul.

David is a key component to any type of healing and closure that one needs when overcoming difficulties. In my experience, he has helped me cross certain emotional barricades. After each visit, I leave him with a sense of peace,
an ah-ha moment." ~Sandra Restrepo, Office Manager

"I had the honor of consulting with David. He embodies an elite level of ease, compassion, and openness when in service. His magical, organic way of being coupled with knowledge of his field granted me the trust and surrender necessary to facilitate my healing journey. As a result of our session, I have experienced, and still experience, a deeper level of self-awareness and spiritual transformation. My life is forever changed. David, I sincerely thank you, and recommend your divine service to the world" ~Nicole A. Tucker, Holistic Health Practitioner

"David Rosas is one of those rare individuals whose spirit touches you as soon as you enter the room.  He's a wonderful listener and is able to help you understand and process your life stories in a very deep way.  He has helped me through some very difficult times, not only by the skill with which he has mastered his modalities, but with his warmth, openness, intelligence, and loving compassion.  He truly personifies the "humanness" we all try to achieve."
~Jan Firstenberg, Interfaith Minister

“Inner Human Life process helped me to go deep within myself and ask the difficult questions, which allowed me to become clear and truly change my behavior. This work has made a huge difference in my life. David Rosas is a sensitive, trustful, tune-in therapist who creates a safe space in his sessions that allows you to be relaxed, comfortable and authentic...”
~Azaria C Kent CNHC, Certified Nutritional Health Coach & Birth Doula

“David has an ability to respond to my soul in such a deeply empathic way that I have become aware of and accept my human needs like never before. I now feel empowered to make my life's choices from a place of deeper understanding and self-connection.

I found David to be a very patient, articulate, inspiring, centered, warm, vibrant and loving therapist. With his qualities I allowed myself to trust and feel comfortable expressing my own feelings. David led the way so that I could follow. David helped me work through struggles and confusion to achieve clarity and a sense of relief. Through the session I have gained perspective that empowers me to live my life in a way that is truly in harmony with my values. His relentless support has helped me re-connect to the purpose and life-force within me. David has given me the light I needed to find and walk my path.”
~Nicole Lopez PsyD, Clinical Psychologist