developed by Dr. Solihin Thom, is a verbal and non-verbal mind-body (neuro-somatic) process that uses hand mudras (finger gestures like sign language for communication) and muscle testing (assessment tool) to inquire or ask your innate-wisdom powerful in-depth questions such as, what is truly going on, why did it happen, and how to resolve the situation. It is like getting holistic counseling, yet the advice comes directly from your body and subconscious.


Individual Face to Face Consultations

In a 90 minute In-Depth Consultation
You are taken into a passionate journey deep into a wide range of subtle areas within your human consciousness, such as:

  • Ancestral predispositions

  • Inherited patterns

  • Field (sensorial/feeling) states

  • Time-related issues

  • Habitual mechanisms

  • Instinctual/psychosexual modes of survival

  • Psychological factors

  • and much more.

These subtle areas affect health, lifestyle, business and spiritual growth.

What Happens to You
In the process, I use over 2,000 hand mudras as a language for communication. Hand Mudras in Sanskrit means seal, gesture, mystery or symbol that gives physical expression to an inner state. The National Academy of Sciences revealed that hand gestures stimulate the same regions in the brain as language. It also bypasses to the higher neocortical pathways, allowing precise access to the subconscious and cellular memory.

When a hand mudra is a placed directly into your hands; this approach is gently asking your body powerful questions. For the purpose of retrieving answers to explore the root causal effects which created a dysfunctional state or “dis-ease” within your body and lifestyle.


Muscle testing (a science of kinesiology) is another tool used by employing a 'straight arm-pull-down' test from your arm as a feedback tool for accessing clean and clear information.


When using both hand mudras and muscle testing simultaneously, a chronological narrative of 'your story' becomes unraveled - an outline of your unique truth / reality. This is the hallmark of ontology - to know the sequence of your events that have created your state of being or consciousness. 

Also during the consultation, holistic support will be requested from you (using hand mudras) from modalities such as:

  • ALLERGY - from symptom to Source™

  • Cranial Fluid Dynamics™

  • Myths and Archetypes™

  • Qi - in a Rhythm™

  • Essential Oils

  • Bach Flower

  • and more...

InnerDialogue help you shift swiftly into your new founded knowledge / state of being. When the consultation is done, you will receive a written story - a recording of what happened during your process . For optimal results, you take what has been learned 'your story' and embody this understanding into your life.

Allow me to help you learn more about yourself, discover your dynamic virtues, activate new pathways, empower yourself with positive resources or qualities, and initiate solutions, healthy alternatives and gain more choices towards resolution. InnerDialogue can help you live each moment, expressing your full potential.

Here's the developer of InnerDialogue, Dr. Solihin Thom, introducing
Cranial Fluid Dynamics™ - an approach which origins root in cranial osteopathy.
Solihin teaches this work to Doctors, Therapists, Facilitators and Laypeople.
This video outlines what essentially happens in a InnerDialogue consultation.


Fast forward video to 6:03, if you only want to see the consultation.


"InnerDialogue strangely, is  a misnomer, for the ultimate outcome is one of silence; quietness  stillness and surrender to the Divine.
This practice of interior stillness opens the door to the Soul and to the Creator. However, the practice of InnerDialogue as a therapeutic dialogue-based instrument augments the person’s contact with this inner life and ultimate connection with the One."  ~Solihin Thom


The Benefits

  • cleaning up emotional imbalances

  • healing from dis-ease and allergies

  • purification from spiritual disarray

  • rising out of lifestyle challenges

  • resolving acute or chronic pain

  • clearing mental distractions

  • re-education of symptoms

  • and more →


InnerDialogue is available for couples, families and business
Consultations are also offered by Phone, Skype and FaceTime
To learn more or begin your journey, contact me

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"The body is a device for calculating the anatomy of the spirit" ~ Jalaluddin Rumi